08Abr 2014

The magnitude of the problem of osteoporosis in psoriatic arthritis seems to be mild.

To assess the bone mineral density (BMD) and the frequency of osteoporosis and clinical fractures in a large group of Spanish patients with psoriatic arthritis (PsA).

Autor: Busquets N, Vaquero CG2, Moreno JR, Vilaseca DR, Narváez J, Carmona L4, Nolla JM.

08Abr 2014

A high prevalence of secondary causes of osteoporosis is observed in HIV-infected patients, and its type and cumulative number determine a lower BMD, after adjusting by age and body mass index.

Eighty-one percent of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients had one or more of seven evaluated causes of secondary osteoporosis, and this rate increases with age. The type and number of causes were associated with a lower bone mineral density (BMD), and with an increased rate of osteopenia/osteoporosis, regardless of age and body mass index.

Autor: Casado JL, Bañon S, Andrés R, Perez-Elías MJ, Moreno A, Moreno S.

08Abr 2014

The incidence of fractures after spinal cord injury is high, with severity and time since spinal cord injury being the main determinants for their development. Fractures were frequently associated with clinical complications.

However, the use of anti-osteoporotic treatment was uncommon.

Autor: Gifre L, Vidal J, Carrasco J, Portell E, Puig J, Monegal A, Guañabens N, Peris P.

08Abr 2014

The results show that patients from all provinces in Spain with severe osteoporosis receiving teriparatide and enrolled in an educational support program had high persistence and satisfaction with the program.

However, no control group was included in these analyses and it is possible that selection bias occurred. It is suggested that patient-based strategies similar to this could be beneficial for all long-term treatments.

Autor: Nogues X, Luz Rentero M, Rodríguez AL.

08Abr 2014

Multiple juxta-articular deposits of hydroxyapatite causing calcific periarthritis may be a useful sign of hypophosphatasia, especially when the calcific periarthritis is familial.

ypophosphatasia (HPP) is the inborn error of metabolism that features low serum alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity caused by loss-of-function mutation(s) within the gene for the tissue nonspecific isoenzyme of ALP (TNSALP). In HPP, extracellular accumulation of inorganic pyrophosphate (PPi), a TNSALP substrate and inhibitor of mineralization, leads frequently to premature tooth loss and often to rickets or osteomalacia. In affected adults, the excess PPi sometimes also causes calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate (CPPD) deposition, PPi arthropathy, or pseudogout, or seemingly paradoxical deposition of hydroxyapatite crystals in ligaments or around joints when the condition is called calcific periarthritis (CP).

Autor: Guañabens N, Mumm S, Möller I, González-Roca E, Peris P, Demertzis JL, Whyte MP.

08Abr 2014

The results suggest that matrix Gla protein genetic variations could predict a higher risk of bone loss and progression of vascular calcification in men.

Two matrix Gla protein (MGP) polymorphisms were associated with progression of aortic calcification and femoral neck bone loss in men. All these findings were also functionally corroborated in two vascular and bone in vitro systems indicating that MGP genetic variations can be partly responsible of higher risk of bone loss and vascular calcification.

Autor: Tuñón-Le Poultel D, Cannata-Andía JB, Román-García P, Díaz-López JB,

08Abr 2014

Our results show: (i) retinoic acid affects proliferative and mineralogenic activities in two fish skeletal cell types and (ii) that during phenotype transitions, specific retinoic acid nuclear receptors and bone-related genes are differentially expressed in a cell type-dependent manner.

Autor: Fernández I, Tiago DM, Laizé V, Leonor Cancela M, Gisbert E.

08Abr 2014

In spite of the fact that this study does not have a large enough sample, our data suggest that HT used in the early years of menopause does not present a long-term protective effect on vertebral fracture after discontinuing treatment.

Autor: Castelo-Branco C, Davila J, Perelló MF, Peguero A, Ros C, Martínez-Serrano MJ, Balasch J.

08Abr 2014

We provide strong and significant evidence from both linkage and association analyses that the SOST gene may affect the strength of the femoral shaft.

Future investigations should study the relationship between bone mass formation and strength properties of the bones.

Autor: Athanasiadis G1, Malouf J, Hernandez-Sosa N, Martin-Fernandez L,…

08Abr 2014

Circulating sclerostin levels are significantly increased in patients with prostate cancer and particularly in those receiving androgen deprivation therapy.

The inverse relationship between serum sclerostin and testosterone in these patients suggests that androgens are key regulators of bone metabolism in this population.

Autor: García-Fontana B, Morales-Santana S, Varsavsky M, García-Martín A,…