08Abr 2014

Iron deficiency is related with higher bone resorption in young women. Consumption of a dairy product that supplies 5 μg/day of vitamin D3 reduces bone turnover and increases circulating 25OHD to nearly reach an optimal vitamin D status, defined as 25OHD over 75 nmol/L.

Autor: Toxqui L, Pérez-Granados AM, Blanco-Rojo R, Wright I, de la Piedra C, Vaquero MP.

08Abr 2014

PTH (1-84) is able to restore the adverse effects of orchidectomy on bone as measured by BMD, microstructural and biomechanical properties and bone remodeling markers.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of parathyroid hormone (PTH) (1-84) in a model of male osteoporosis induced by orchidectomy in rats.

Autor: Martín-Fernández M, Martínez E, Díaz-Curiel M, Guede D, Caeiro JR, De la Piedra C.

08Abr 2014

Bone mineral density was similar between HIV-infected patients aged 20-30 years than in age- and gender-matched controls. However, lower femoral T-scores and higher rate of osteopenia and osteoporosis were seen in HIV-infected men.

Therapy with protease inhibitors, nadir CD4 counts, and fat and lean mass were predictive factors of peak bone mass. Given that these patients will be living with HIV infection for many years, every effort should be made to modify risk factors.