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Del 16 al 30 de septiembre de 2014, se habilitará el aplicativo de Envío de comunicaciones al XIX Congreso de la SEIOMM en Santiago de Compostela para los investigadores que deseen remitir Late Breaking Abstracts. Con esta iniciativa, nuestro objetivo es ofrecer la oportunidad de comunicar los últimos avances científicos, clínica y básica para ellos […]

We conclude that patients receiving cinacalcet on dialysis presented similar serum phosphate levels but higher PTH and serum calcium levels during the initial six months after kidney transplantation than cinacalcet non-treated patients. The group previously treated with cinacalcet before transplantation showed higher FGF23 levels without significant differences, so further studies should investigate its relevance in […]

Although scarce data are available, interesting opportunities are open for a better understanding of the pharmacogenetics of osteoporosis and osteoporotic fractures. They include the reanalysis of data already available from epidemiological studies and clinical trials, as well as obtaining pharmacogenetic data in new studies. However, based upon the experience with previous genome-wide association studies, large […]

Bone turnover markers, BMD and bone microstructural changes in osteoporosis are opposite to those of OA. These findings justify a less resistant bone with higher risk of fragility fractures in OP patients. These histomorphometric and biomechanical changes may be suspected by measuring of BMD and β-CrossLaps levels.

The European Society for Clinical and Economic Aspects of Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis (ESCEO) recommends optimal dietary protein intake of 1.0-1.2g/kgbodyweight/d with at least 20-25g of high-quality protein at each main meal, with adequate vitamin D intake at 800IU/d to maintain serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels >50nmol/L as well as calcium intake of 1000mg/d, alongside regular physical […]