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Patients with chronic hepatitis C have low bone mass associated with increased bone resorption, and some relationship can be expected between serum aminotransferase levels and the degree of bone mass loss. Bone mass may be improved and bone turnover normalized in patients who respond to antiviral therapy. Elevated serum sTRFR-55 levels may play a role […]

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass increased circulating osteopontin levels, while they remained unaltered after sleeve gastrectomy. The increase in osteopontin levels after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass could be related to the increased bone resorption in relation to its well-known effects on bone of this malabsorptive procedure in comparison to the merely restrictive sleeve gastrectomy. Autor: Lancha A1, Moncada […]

Denosumab increased significantly bone mass in all three dual X-ray absorptiometry standard sites, while alendronate did not at total hip. No benefit was observed in men previously treated with alendronate who switched to denosumab treatment. Autor: Planas Morin J, Celma Domenech A, Placer Santos J, Trilla Herrera E, Salvador Lacambra C,…

In our series, the plasma rich in growth factors showed better results than the teriparatide in the treatment of recurrent oral bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis. The aim of this study is to describe and compare the evolution of recurrent bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaws (BRONJ) in patients treated with plasma rich in growth factors or teriparatide. Material […]

Although the VFA approach showed a lower than expected prevalence of VF in our cohort, its association with clinical and densitometric parameters may be useful to identify women at risk for developing fragility fractures and may therefore justify its use in longitudinal studies. The high prevalence of minor vertebral deformities detected in patients with VF […]

Within the limits of this study, our findings suggest that the intake of simvastatin is associated with increasing serum OPG concentrations and this could have a protective effect against bone destruction and periodontal clinical attachment loss. The baseline systemic inflammatory state of hyperlipidemic patients is indicated by their increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate. Autor: Magán-Fernández A, […]

The results highlight the PUFA metabolism differences between uninduced and induced MSC to differentiate into adipocytes and osteoblasts, besides the relevant role of the lipoxygenase gene expression in adipogenesis induction. Autor: Casado-Díaz A, Ferreiro-Vera C, Priego-Capote F, Dorado G, Luque-de-Castro MD, Quesada-Gómez JM.

Gene candidate and genome-wide association studies have revealed tens of loci of susceptibility for osteoporosis. The results underscore the significance of the LRP5 gene in bone metabolism and emphasize the significance of the replication of previous results in independent cohorts. Autor: Panach L, Mifsut D, Tarín JJ, Cano A, García-Pérez MA.