Effects of Romosozumab Compared With Teriparatide on Bone Density and Mass at the Spine and Hip in Postmenopausal Women With Low Bone Mass.

Results: romosozumab significantly increased integral vBMD and BMC at the lumbar spine and total hip from baseline, and compared with placebo and teriparatide (all p < 0.05). Trabecular vertebral vBMD improved significantly and similarly from baseline (p < 0.05) with both romosozumab (18.3%) and teriparatide (20.1%), whereas cortical vertebral vBMD gains were larger with romosozumab compared with teriparatide (13.7% versus 5.7%, p < 0.0001). Trabecular hip vBMD gains were significantly larger with romosozumab than with teriparatide (10.8% versus 4.2%, p = 0.01), but were similar for cortical vBMD (1.1% versus -0.9%, p = 0.12). Cortical BMC gains were larger with romosozumab compared with teriparatide at both the spine (23.3% versus 10.9%, p < 0.0001) and hip (3.4% versus 0.0%, p = 0.03).

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Genant HK, Engelke K, Bolognese MA, Mautalen C, Brown JP, Recknor C, Goemaere S, Fuerst T, Yang YC, Grauer A, Libanati C.

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