Improvement in Bone Properties by Using Risedronate Adsorbed Hydroxyapatite Novel Nanoparticle Based

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Authors: Sahana, H.; Khajuria, Deepak Kumar; Razdan, Rema; Mahapatra, D. Roy; Bhat, M.R.; Suresh, Sarasija; Rao, R. Ramachandra; Mariappan, L.


A superior drug formulation capable of achieving efficient osteogenesis is in imperative demand for the treatment of osteoporosis. In the present study we investigated the potential of using novel risedronate-hydroxyapatite (HA) nanoparticle based formulation in an animal model of established osteoporosis. Nanoparticles of HA loaded with risedronate (NHLR) of various sizes (80-130 nm) were generated for bone targeted drug delivery. Three months after ovariectomy, 36 ovariectomized (OVX) rats were divided into 6 equal groups and treated with various doses of NHLR (500, 350 and 250 μg/kg intravenous single dose) and sodium risedronate (500 μg/kg, intravenous single dose). Untreated OVX and sham OVX served as controls. One month after drug administration, the left tibia and femur were tested for bone mechanical properties and histology, respectively. In the right femur, bone density was measured by method based on Archimedes principle and bone porosity analyses were performed using X-ray imaging. NHLR (250 μg/kg) showed a significant increase in bone density and reduced bone porosity when compared with OVX control. Moreover, NHLR (250 μg/kg) significantly increased bone mechanical properties and bone quality when compared with OVX control. The results strongly suggest that the NHLR, which is a novel nanoparticle based formulation, has a therapeutic advantage over risedronate sodium monotherapy for the treatment of osteoporosis in a rat model of postmenopausal osteoporosis.

Document Type: Research article


Publication date: 2013-02-01

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