Transcriptomic analyses of the anti-adipogenic effects of oleuropein in human mesenchymal stem cells.

Extra virgin olive oil has positive effects on health. Oleuropein is a polyphenolic compound present in olive-tree leaves, fruits (olives) and olive oil. The effects of oleuropein on the adipogenesis of human bone-marrow mesenchymal stem cells were studied by transcriptomics and differential gene-expression analyses. Their data suggest that mitochondrial activity is reduced by oleuropein, mostly during adipogenic differentiation. These results shed light on oleuropein activity on cells, with potential application as a «nutraceutical»  for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as obesity and osteoporosis.

Food Funct. 2017 Feb 28. doi: 10.1039/c7fo00045f.

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Casado-Díaz A, Anter J, Müller S, Winter P, Quesada-Gómez JM, Dorado G

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